Membership begins with being a Zimbabwean citizen

Join us! Help all of Zimbabwe to unite in the days ahead. Let’s work together to build a society which benefits every man, woman and child. Building a better future begins with safeguarding a democratic, free, prosperous and open society, one which supports innovation and economic growth by celebrating the gifts of its citizens. The future we are building is one of unity - for all of Zimbabwe - in the service of dignity, posterity, and justice, to ensure that each and every one of us possess the same opportunity to participate and succeed. Your membership brings Zimbabwe one step closer to the future it deserves.

Am I eligible to join the party?
If you're 16 or over, not a member of another political party, and are a Zimbabwean citizen, then you're eligible. We need your support, your ideas, your voice and your vote.

What is the member fee?
Individual members (renewable annually in US$) is:
$20 - BRONZE
$50 - GOLD
Most members choose to contribute a monthly member fee of $20 a month and many choose to pay more to support our campaigns.

Where do member fees go?
We're built on the contributions of our dedicated members. Your member contributions pay for flyers, posters, billboards, rallies and events that are occuring throughout Zimbabwe. Every dollar is put to good use. Without our members’ contributions, we simply wouldn’t be able to run UZA.

Why join UZA?
Citizens join the party for different reasons, from wanting to see a change in our country to wanting to secure a better future for all people in Zimbabwe.

What happens after I join?
You will receive a membership welcome email and profile in the UZA member database - along with a weekly newsletter and other useful information about what UZA is doing to engage voters and how you can get involved.

What can I do as a member?
CLICK HERE to read more about the UZA campagin.  Let's work together to build Zimbabwe. Your membership brings Zimbabwe one step closer to the future it deserves.

By joining, you also become part of the UZA community. We will be in touch with ways you can get involved with different campaigns and events near you.  We will also introduce you to other like-minded members. You can get involved in everything from policy making to campaigning right away.