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Our Mission & Vision



A political party committed to championing engagement of all people of Zimbabwe for the protection and realisation of national unity, dignity, posterity, and justice.



The betterment of the lives of Zimbabweans through the safeguarding of a democratic, free and transparent society that is conducive to the prosperity of all citizens.



Active participation in public affairs and nation building by the people of Zimbabwe and the achievement of sustainable economic growth commensurate with our natural endowments.

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About our President

Meet Elisabeth Valerio

Elisabeth Valerio, President of the United Zimbabwe Alliance is no stranger to business or politics and Zimbabwe. Her mother was in fact the first woman leader of a political party and the first women to challenge the presidency of an African nation and one of Zimbabwe’s first black business-women.

Elisabeth was born in Harare, however she began her career as a scientist working in the United States, after earning several university degrees in California. She moved to to Hwange, Zimbabwe in 2014 and has spent almost a decade honouring a promise she made to her mother who, while on her death bed, asked that she look after the Presidential Elephants in Dete.

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Our Philosophy

What we believe

Our Party upholds the freedom, dignity and social well-being of the people of Zimbabwe. We bring forward a new vision for Zimbabwe, one in which all citizens are equal before the laws of the country and share the same basic rights and political, cultural, religious and racial tolerance. UZA rejects all forms of prejudice and discrimination based on colour, race, religion, disability, gender, age and we are equally opposed to any forms of unjustifiable and entrenched privilege and inequality. find out more 


Dignity & Diversity


Unity, Goodwill & Respect


Integrity & Accountability


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UZA Condemns Unjust Arrest of CCC members

UZA strongly condemns these actions and stands in solidarity with the fellow arrested citizens. We believe that citizens' rights and political diversity must be respected rather than suppressed.

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