The United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) is a political Party formed by Zimbabweans in 2021 to reclaim Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans and build a vibrant society that benefits every man, woman and child. As a platform for the citizens, we are committed to championing engagement of all people of Zimbabwe for the protection and realisation of national unity, dignity, posterity, and justice, ensuring that every citizen is treated fairly and given an equal opportunity to succeed.

our mission
The betterment of the lives of every Zimbabwean by building and safeguarding a democratic, free and transparent society that is conducive to the prosperity of all citizens.

our vision
Active participation in public affairs and nation building by the people of Zimbabwe and the achievement of sustainable economic growth commensurate with our natural endowments.

Our Party Slogan

Let's Unite
As we build Zimbabwe
As we build Zimbabwe

Tichivaka Zimbabwe
Tichivaka Zimbabwe

Sisakha iZimbabwe
Sisakha iZimbabwe

Katuyaka Zimbabwe
Katuyaka Zimbabwe

Tibake Zimbabwe
Tibake Zimbabwe

Founding Values & Objectives of the United Zimbabwe Alliance

A grassroots party that appeals to all Zimbabweans new and old to the politics of our country with no particular emphasis on any one constituency of the Zimbabwean population.

Good stewards of our environment, preserving Zimbabwe’s natural endowments for the benefit of every man, woman and child, now and in the future by developing and implement sustainable ecological policies and ensuring that human activity does not impair biodiversity and the environment.

Promote and support scientific research and innovation.

Ensure political accountability at all levels of the party’s activities, engaging all Zimbabweans in policy formulation, public affairs and nation building with emphasis being placed on solidarity, a sense of belonging and individual involvement.

Uphold the independence of the judiciary and the separation of powers to ensure that all citizens are equal before the laws of the country.

Protect political, cultural, religious and racial tolerance, freedom, dignity and social well-being of all people of Zimbabwe affording everyone the same basic rights to free speech, association, congregation, to workshop, and to vote.

Reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination based on colour, race, religion, disability or gender and oppose unjustifiable and entrenched privilege and inequality.

Support a politically plural Zimbabwe espousing constructive engagement of all political parties in good governance and plural politics for the good of the nation.

Secure the future and heritage of the people of Zimbabwe through responsible custodianship and sustainable economic empowerment of all citizens with equal access to economic resources as well as freedom and security of enterprise, social justice and unconditional respect for property rights and entrepreneurial rights.

Govern with the people and for the people of Zimbabwe as a serving and representative form of government with decentralised power and strong democratic process.

Ensure the accurate and truthful dissemination of historical information pertaining to the liberation and independence of our country.

Obey and defend the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

You can read more about our values and objectives in Our Constitution.