Kevin Muzhunga

The Secretary General for the United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA), Kevin Muzhunga ventured into politics in 2016 as a member of Youth Advocacy for Reforms and Democracy (YARD), assisting an Independent Candidate to campaign and win an election for the Norton Constituency. During the campaign which was characterised by violence and voter intimidation, he led a team of agents to successfully defend the people’s vote.

In 2018 Mr Muzhunga joined a European Union (EU) Multi- Party Election Agents Training and was partnered with a ZANU PF co-trainer to train more than 1500 election Agents in Chegutu West, Mhondoro Mubaira, Kadoma and Muzvezve Constituencies. He was also a member of the Election Liaison Committee for Chegutu District as part of the 2018 general elections, and was also a Mashonaland Provincial Election Agent for Dr Kasiyamhuru.

Along with his political experience, Mr Muzhunga has worked for various organisations including TM Supermarkets, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Zimbabwe National Road Administration among others. He is the Founder of the Zimbabwe Entrepreneurship Corner, an online platform with 25,000 members. He holds a Certificate in Business Administration, an Executive Certificate in Business Marketing from University of Zimbabwe, a Diploma in Marketing from Southern Institute of Marketing (SAIM) and a Degree in Marketing Management from Zimbabwe Open University.

From a community engagement perspective, Mr Mazhunga oversaw several projects at Vimbayi High School and St Eric’s Primary School where he served on the School Development Committee as Treasurer and Chairperson respectively. He is also a League of Mercy member and has spearheaded programmes to donate to the less privileged in the Norton. Currently he is serving as Chairperson of Donhodzo an organisation looking after less privileged children in Kadoma.

Mr Muzhunga serves on both the Executive Directorate and the National Directorate of the United Zimbabwe Alliance, UZA.