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Stand with President Elisabeth Valerio and all of the MPs and Councillors taking part in the 2023 general elections.

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Buhera Central

Saul Chinyamunjiko
Buhera CentralFor MP

Eniya Manyaya
Buhera CentralFor Councillor Ward 23

Godhelp Sadambura
Buhera CentralNone

Buhera North

Collen Chirume
Buhera NorthFor MP

Never Mufambi
Buhera NorthFor Councillor Ward 13

Kivha Mugorogodi
Buhera NorthFor Councillor

Buhera South

Tracy Mangwanya Mangwanya
Buhera SouthFor Councillor Ward 25


Concelia Chirawo
ChikangaFor Councillor Ward 14 - Mutare Municipality

Chipinge Central

Jacob Yotam
Chipinge CentralFor MP

Johannes Murakata
Chipinge CentralFor Councillor Ward 1 - Chipinge Town Council

Jarvis Tangai Chandiringa
Chipinge CentralFor Councillor Ward 2 - Chipinge Town Council

Brian Musikavanhu
Chipinge CentralFor Councillor Ward 3 - Chipinge Town Council

Stanley Mlambo
Chipinge CentralFor Councillor Ward 4 - Chipinge Town Council


Somebody Muchacha
Dangamvura/ChikangaFor MP

Mutare South

Aleck Kaserera
Mutare SouthFor MP

Virginia Gonora
Mutare SouthFor Councillor

Gabriel Mushanga
Mutare SouthFor Councillor Ward 13

Mutasa South

Taurai Gambureni
Mutasa SouthFor MP

Violet Munorwei
Mutasa SouthFor Councillor

Nicky Right
Mutasa SouthFor Councillor

Nyanga North

Tendai Tuckson Mudhere
Nyanga NorthFor Councillor Ward 12

Nyanga South

Tawanda Kadozora
Nyanga SouthFor Councillor Ward 19

Leonard Kembo
Nyanga SouthFor Councillor Ward 23

Everson Manyange
Nyanga SouthFor Councillor Ward 31

Enipha Nzenda
Nyanga SouthFor Councillor Ward 26

Phineas Teya
Nyanga SouthFor Councillor Ward 22