• 4 Jul, 2021
  • Office of the President

UZA Unveils Constitution & Executive Directorate

The United Zimbabwe Alliance, a new political party has unveiled its new Executive Directorate under the party’s new Constitution which was ratified in June 2021. In the new Constitution, the Party shall have leadership structures at national, provincial and constituency levels. This will be complimented by a network of branches that will be established throughout the country.

This Constitution guarantees participatory democracy with citizens at the centre of its mission. Among the Constitution’s most striking positions is the mandated qualifications for office rather than based solely on popular vote. The Constitution also calls for the election of a youth Vice President.

Elisabeth Valerio, President of the United Zimbabwe Alliance noted that the unveiling of the Constitution and the swearing in of the party’s founding Executive Directorate are commendable feats, which she believed would be followed by many other laudable achievements in the near future. She described the achievements as a milestone and expressed gratitude to the members of the Executive Directorate for their cooperation and all those who have supported and helped to establish UZA.

The President also said the party will focus on engagement of the citizenry. Citizen engagement is a major focus of our party and for getting the greatly needed input we will need to rebuild Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans have been yearning for real participatory democracy which we represent as UZA, the President said.