• 5 May, 2022
  • UZA Communcations

UZA Mourns Mutare Accident Victims

The United Zimbabwe Alliance joins the rest of the nation and the bereaved families in mourning the death of four kombi passengers who died in Mutare on Wednesday morning.

The party wishes to express its deepest, heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones in this tragic accident, while praying for God’s healing and soothing hand over the eight other passengers who have been seriously injured and are currently nursing various injuries from the accident.

According to witnesses, the accident occurred after a police officer threw a spike at a moving kombi, which resulted in a tyre burst, overturning of the minibus and the death of four of its passengers while leaving eight other people were seriously injured.

The development comes a few days after the Zimbabwe Republic Police announced a blitz targeting unregistered commuter omnibus operators including pirate taxis also known as Mushikashikas. The tragic incident is a sad development which should have been avoided in the first place.

Our party notes with concern how some police details who are supposed to protect and value the sanctity of life are causing unnecessary deaths of the very same civilians that they are supposed to protect.

Enforcement of the law should not mean killing innocent civilians but should rather follow due procedures set out in the Police and Weapons and Equipment Coin and I.S Manual (Method and Frequency). Passengers’ lives should not be endangered in the implementation of the law because when a life is lost, it can never be reversed.

While enforcement of the law against those violating traffic laws is important, UZA believes that the government should support private transport operators in their acquisition, operation and maintenance of goods and passengers.

To the drivers of public transport, it is equally important to comply with traffic police to avoid such traffic accidents which kill and maim innocent passengers. Sheer recklessness on our roads costs lives.