• 9 Aug, 2022
  • UZA Communications

United Zimbabwe Alliance Defence Forces Day Message

United Zimbabwe Alliance joins Zimbabweans in celebrating the many heroes and heroines on Defence Forces Day. The disciplined and brave men and women in uniform not only defend us, but they also have the courage to embark on various missions nationally regionally and globally lifting our Zimbabwean flag high.

We applaud their immense contribution in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Rwanda and Kuwait among others. Our party admires their hard work and dedication to protect our nation, serving and safeguarding our territorial integrity.  On this special day, we appreciate and take note of the values and ideals that are preserved in their line of duty. Our servicemen and women make our country and this world a better and safer place.

UZA appreciates and thanks our servicemen and women for their sacrifice, service and bravery and for their daily commitment to serve and protect our nation. Our forces sacrifice their lives and time away from their families while service their mission, a mission they believe in and what we believe in as a country. They preserve peace and security for our nation at the borders, ensuring that our Zimbabwe remains a safe place for our families and communities. They stand ready to deploy at a moment's notice, risking their lives to defend our freedom and our way of life. They endure challenges so the rest of us can live freely and peacefully.

It is sad that the harsh economic environment has affected their safety, welfare and remuneration. Our forces cannot afford a quality standard of life due to paltry earnings. For their service, they deserve to be appreciated with befitting and dignified salaries and benefits.

Their living conditions within the barracks leaves a lot to be desired while the majority who have no access to accommodation within the barracks cannot afford proper housing. Some members of our national defence forces have become so desperate that they now resort to side jobs or corrupt and criminal activities to sustain their families. Improving their work and living conditions must become a national priority as it could end up threatening the peace and security of our people.

A UZA led government pledges to improve the conditions of service for our esteemed servicemen and women and ensure that their welfare is commensurate with the important service that they provide for our nation. Our party believes that our servicemen and women must remain apolitical and serve the nation and the country’s citizens ahead of individuals or political parties.

As we celebrate the holiday, UZA commends our forces serving on the ground, in the air, at the borders, in the communities or serving regionally and internationally for their sacrifice and unflinching willingness to put service before self.  UZA salutes you all!  Happy Defence Forces Day!