• 21 Jun, 2024
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UZA Condemns Unjust Arrest of CCC members

UZA Condemns Unjust Arrest of CCC members

On June 16, 2024, approximately 70 youths were arrested at the residence of Honourable Jameson Timba in Avondale, Harare. This heavy-handed police action targeted a peaceful meeting organised by the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). The authorities described the gathering as unsanctioned, an accusation frequently used to suppress political dissent in Zimbabwe.

Police intervention reportedly turned violent and it was claimed the youths were provoked, leading to clashes. Such incidents clearly reveal the oppressive tactics employed to stifle opposition voices and the blatant disregard for constitutional rights. Sections 58 and 59 of the Zimbabwean Constitution explicitly protect  freedom of assembly and association, as well as the right to demonstrate and petition, but these rights were flagrantly violated during the arrests.

This event is not an isolated incident, but part of a broader pattern of intimidation and political repression plaguing Zimbabwe. The systematic targeting of opposition gatherings underscores the urgent need for reform and the protection of fundamental human rights.

The United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) strongly condemns these actions and stands in solidarity with the fellow arrested citizens. As part of our commitment to promoting a democratic and just society, UZA proposes an action plan:

Advocate for Legal Assistance: UZA will advocate for legal assistance and the release of unjustly detained citizens. We will also develop an agenda for legal reforms to safeguard political freedoms and prevent such abuses in the future.

Policy Reform: In our Party Manifesto, UZA commits to reforming the Public Order and Security Act (POSA) to ensure that it cannot be used to unfairly target opposition parties. We will work to create an environment where political participation is protected and encouraged.

Youth Empowerment: Recognising the pivotal role of youth in driving change, UZA will implement programs to empower young people politically and economically, ensuring that they have the tools and platforms to advocate for their rights and become active participants in the development of Zimbabwe.

UZA remains steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding the rights of all Zimbabweans. Citizens rights and political diversity must be respected rather than suppressed. The aggressive crackdown on peaceful gatherings is a direct attack on democracy and justice. We urge all Zimbabweans to come together in support of a society that is fair and equitable for all. 

Let’s Unite, As We Build Zimbabwe

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