• 21 Jun, 2021
  • UZA Communications

UZA Commiserations to Zambia and the Kaunda Family

The history of the liberation of most African countries cannot be written concisely without mentioning the name of Dr Kenneth Kaunda. In 1961 Dr Kaunda orchestrated a colonial disobedience in what was then known as Northern Rhodesia. The protest which was widely known as the cha-cha-cha ended in 1963 with the independence of Northern Rhodesia and the establishment of the Zambian nation.

The independence of Zambia in 1963 became a major milestone for other African countries that at the time were under Ian Smith 's colonial rule, with Zimbabwe being chief amongst them. At the time, Ian Smith's Rhodesian government considered it not only unacceptable, but seriously taboo for any other political party to be formed in Rhodesia. Thus, it was not only difficult to have a dissenting voice during the colonial era - it was in fact considered treasonous.

The armed struggle, which saw the birth of a new Zimbabwe, was born beyond the soil of Southern Rhodesia. Most of the activities including training of soldiers and planning war strategies occurred in Zambia with the blessing and backing of Dr Kenneth Kaunda. Dr Kaunda therefore became instrumental in Zimbabwe.

At the helm of the liberation struggle many chivalrous and magnanimous Rhodesian freedom fighters, with special mention of Herbert Chitepo, lost their lives in a foreign land, which had in essence became home. Dr Kaunda pledged unwavering support for the liberation of South Africa and Zimbabwe which was achieved when Zimbabwe in December 1979 negotiated terms of a ceasefire and earned its independence on the 18th of April 1980.

To demonstrate his rare qualities of leadership, Dr Kenneth Kaunda after being defeated in an election allowed a transition from his liberation party leadership to pro-labour leadership led by the late president Frederick Chiluba. The trend across the African divide has always been that revolutionary governments feel entitled to perpetual power, yet in the 1990s, Dr Kaunda after losing an election allowed a smooth transfer of power to the elected president.

United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA), as a newly established political party committed to uplifting the citizens of Zimbabwe sends its heartfelt condolences to the Kaunda family, Zambia and Africa at large on the passing away of Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

The legacy of Dr Kaunda cannot be overstated it shall remain with the people of Africa. We are saddened indeed by the loss of this great statesman.  We say Rest in Power Dr Kaunda!