• 16 Jun, 2021
  • Office of the President

UZA President Appoints New National Spokesperson

The Office of the President is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Tatenda I Ndhlovu as the National Spokesperson to the United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) with effect from 17 June 2021.

Mr Ndhlovu is an effective communicator and legal practitioner, Conveyancer and Notary Public, specialising in Criminal Law, Human Rights and Constitutional Law. In his new post at UZA, Mr. Ndhlovu serves in the highest office of the party as a member of both the Executive Directorate and National Directorate and the PR/Media Working Committee. The appointment of Mr. Ndhlovu also aligns with President Elisabeth Valerio's commitment to capacitate youth by offering active participation within the political arena.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws Honours degree from Midlands State University.

Issued by: Office of President Elisabeth Valerio
United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA)