• 22 Jun, 2022
  • UZA Communications

Patriot Spotlight: Farai Muntanga

Please introduce yourself.
My name is Farai Muntanga. I and resides in Binga North of Matabeleland North province.

Share with us your political background, why you joined UZA and what role do you play in UZA?
I am a former sympathizer of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) founded by the late Morgan Tsvangirai. I joined UZA after I realized that the party I sympathized with has lost its vision. I am currently the Provincial Chairperson for Mat North.

What makes UZA different from other political parties  and why should Zimbabweans vote for UZA in the upcoming 2023 elections?
Unlike other political parties, UZA walks the talk. I have discovered that UZA is here to improve citizens livelihood. UZA is introducing projects that are sustainable and UZA doesn't just pick people from the street and offer them projects but also offers knowledge on how to run those projects.

I urge Zimbabweans to vote for UZA in the upcoming elections because it is the only party that can change this country for the better. The President of UZA has a great vision and she is not getting into politics to loot the country's resources for she has enough to look after her personal life.

As we build Zimbabwe, what do you want to see UZA achieve?
As we build Zimbabwe, I would want UZA to rebuild the country's infrastructure, bring back hope in the country's health and education system and resuscitate the country's dead industry.

What does 2023 elections mean for Zimbabwe and what message do you have for Zimbabweans with respect to coming elections?
2023 can be a turning point for Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe must all register to vote UZA, all go in big numbers to vote for UZA, defend the UZA vote. UZA is real and UZA is here to improve citizens lives.