• 25 May, 2022
  • UZA Communications

Patriot Spotlight: Charles Utete

Good day Patriot. Please introduce yourself.
My name is Charles Justice Utete, born in Bikita, Masvingo. I am a family man with 6 children, three boys and three girls. A hold a Diploma in Development Studies and a Diploma in General Management. Currently, I'm studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management.

Please share with us your political background, why you joined UZA and what role do you play in UZA?
I'm a son of the late ZIPRA combatant Cosmas Utete - who refused to join the Liberation War Veterans Association because of its close links to ZANU-PF. Having been mentored on the ZAPU ideology by my father, I couldn't work with ZANU-PF. I joined MDC Security & Intelligence at its formation in 1999 but couldn't go public because of the nature of my job at that time. After leaving the public service in 2004, I was then appointed the Matabeleland North Deputy Secretary for Security. In 2006, the Presidium deployed to a post as the party Internal Intelligence Secretariat until I left the party in 2014. This is when I decided to take an early retirement from politics and moved to South Africa.

In June 2021, news about UZA got to me. After studying the UZA ideology and values, I got so attracted and couldn't waste any more time and I decided to join the party. Citizens engagement is what was lacking or what was missing in Zimbabwe for the past 42 years since independence. I'm currently the Interim Secretary General for South Africa Constituency. Engaging the Diaspora community to join and support UZA. The Diaspora Constituency is very important for the resources mobilization drive to support party programs. I'm the UZA ambassador in South Africa and Southern Africa. It is our duty to market UZA as the alternative government.

What makes UZA different from other political parties  and why should Zimbabweans vote for UZA in the upcoming 2023 elections?
UZA was not formed by disgruntled or an angry faction of another political party. It is neither a splinter or faction of any political party. UZA is home grown political party with its taproot in Zimbabwe. It is one party free from foreign influence, for it is purely Zimbabwean and led by the citizens of Zimbabwe.

UZA was formed on a good foundation that promotes an environment conducive for a smooth transfer of power. It's a party preoccupied with providing solutions, sharing ideas other than pointing fingers. UZA believes in nation building even before we are in government. I therefore conclude that UZA is the only real political party in Zimbabwe because others are more like pressure groups and liberation war movements.

I therefore strongly urge Zimbabweans to vote for UZA. Pressure groups and liberation war movements by their nature are more confrontational and good candidates for violence. No pure democracy can be expected from these groups. They spend more time plotting in the downfall of one another. They have enemies more than opponents. It is a disaster to entrust them with national governance. Development is not in their DNA but power. Citizens should think of the future generations before they cast their vote in 2023. Evidence is there for all to see that ZANU-PF, MDC-T and the rebranded CCC have nothing to show in more than 20yrs, besides their accumulated personal wealth.

As we build Zimbabwe, what do you want to see UZA achieve?
UZA made a promise to facilitate the opening of 30 companies before end of 2022. This promise has to be fulfilled or achieve 75% of it. Other parties made several promises since their existence and fulfilled none. If UZA can achieve at least 75% of its promises, it will be the first party with real promises. That will make our campaigns much easier in 2023 elections. UZA should be done with restructuring exercise by October 2022.

What does 2023 elections mean for Zimbabwe and what message do you have for Zimbabweans with respect to coming elections?
2023 elections should define the destiny of the next generation. It should be the beginning of sustainable development with economic opportunities open to all citizens. It must be the closure of the old chapter. Citizens should not allow an extension of underdevelopment and poverty in Zimbabwe. The man made poverty should be put to an end and that is only possible through UZA.