• 18 May, 2022
  • UZA Communications

Patriot Spotlight: Beaven Chiweshe

QUESTION: What appealed to you the most when you first heard about UZA?
UZA is the only party genuinely engaging citizens at every level. We walk the talk. Also, UZA has young leadership and the Party mission and vision are very clear and logical. It is very progressive, relevant and practical for the benefit of the citizens of Zimbabwe. 

QUESTION: How have you been actively involved as an UZA patriot?
In my community, I’ve been marketing the UZA brand to the people and more specifically to the youth. I introduced the party to community stakeholders, various authorities as well as to the police. I encourage people to vote for UZA in the upcoming elections. I also participate in various community activities representing the party, advocating for social justice and uniting people.

QUESTION: As we build Zimbabwe, what do you want to see UZA achieve?
I want to see UZA unite the people of Zimbabwe, fight for a corruption free society, develop the country, reengage and open more industries for the sake of job creation. The party must focus on indigenisation and economic empowerment which includes broadening access to agriculture financing and inputs, developing domestic and export markets, infrastructure development, water and sanitation. The party must fight poverty and address the needs of special interest groups including people with disabilities. We must provide educational loans to students in tertiary education in partnership with the private financial sector and enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) programmes. Youth empowerment should also be a focus because youth remain the vanguard of the party. The future of the country lies in their hands.

QUESTION: What message do you have for the citizens of Zimbabwe?
I urge the citizens of Zimbabwe to go and register to vote and change the current government because they have failed.  It’s high time as Zimbabweans to see a Zimbabwe we all cherish.  We need a better Zimbabwe, a better future.  I urge Zimbabweans to unite and vote for Zimbabwe. Together we can make a difference.  We are the people to rise up and join our hands together for a  positive cause.