• 3 Mar, 2024
  • UZA Information & Media

UZA Statement on 2024 World Wildlife Day

As we celebrate World Wildlife Day, the United Zimbabwe Alliance extends a heartfelt commitment to the preservation of our nation's rich biodiversity. Our natural heritage, embodied by the magnificent wildlife that roams our landscapes, is a source of pride and a testament to our shared responsibility for conservation.

In recognising the critical challenges facing our wildlife, we emphasise the importance of supporting the dedicated groups within Zimbabwe working tirelessly year-round to protect and preserve our precious fauna. These groups are the unsung heroes on the front lines, often facing daunting challenges to safeguard our wildlife from threats such as poaching and habitat degradation.

The United Zimbabwe is also highly concerned about the lack of rain this year and impact it will have on the fauna in Zimbabwe. We are committed to advocating for increased support, both in terms of resources and recognition, for conservation organisations. By strengthening their capacity, we can respond to crisis and enhance the effectiveness of their efforts, ensuring that Zimbabwe's wildlife remains a thriving symbol of our national identity.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to addressing the complex issue of human-wildlife conflict. Recognising the delicate balance between human development and the preservation of ecosystems, we emphasise the importance of finding sustainable solutions that protect both our communities and the wildlife that shares our habitats.

We propose initiatives that include:

Acting in accordance with internationally declared principles and standards

Community-Led Conservation: Empowering local communities to actively engage in wildlife conservation efforts, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and benefit. UZA will continue to build strong proactive working relations and partnerships with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), industry groups, academic institutions, communities and other relevant stakeholders at local, regional and global levels to support transparency, seek joint solutions and develop good practices.

Ecosystem Protection: Recognising that the health of our ecosystems is interconnected with the well-being of our wildlife, we advocate for comprehensive strategies that protect habitats and promote biodiversity. UZA will continue to promote and support research in forests and associated ecosystems for improved management that reflects the values of water, soil, ecosystems and biodiversity.

Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict: Implementing innovative solutions to reduce conflicts between humans and wildlife, ensuring the coexistence of communities and our natural heritage.

On this World Wildlife Day, let us unite in our commitment to protecting Zimbabwe's biodiversity, supporting those on the front lines of conservation, and fostering a future where our wildlife thrives alongside sustainable human development. The United Zimbabwe Alliance stands as a partner in this endeavor, dedicated to preserving the beauty and diversity that defines our nation.