• 9 Aug, 2021
  • UZA Communications

2021 Heroes Day Message from the United Zimbabwe Alliance

When men and women are bound by determination to achieve a goal nothing can stop them. Against all odds they succeed. The history of our nation gives us this insight. 

It was during a time when the Smith Regime had seemingly reached its peak when the subjugated people of our country grew impatient. Peaceful negotiations had failed.  Only an armed struggle could save the day. Their vision conquered their fears. They had no good guns - but they had determination. They had no flamboyant regalia but were fully clad in unity and purpose. For what was life without liberty and justice?

In those times, all forms of association were forbidden for the majority of the population, yet sons and daughters of the soil gathered in secret with one common goal - to set Zimbabwe free.  They embarked on a very difficult and challenging journey, not knowing what lay ahead, but determined to reach their ultimate goal.  They envisioned a future where black people would have a voice, would walk free and would one day self-govern. That’s how today’s Zimbabwe came to be.

Under this banner, we commemorate and tribute the feat that emancipated and restored hope for our people. The United Zimbabwe Alliance, UZA celebrates our national heroes and heroines, the men and women who were part of the struggle to liberate Zimbabwe. Their mission was to ensure the political independence of our great nation. May their sacrifices be rewarded by a government that upholds the ideals of the men and women that went to war. They wanted a better Zimbabwe for every Zimbabwean, including the ordinary man, woman and child. They boldly confronted and removed colonial rule so everyone could live as one family, as brothers and sisters enjoying the natural endowments of our country. Their dream was not a Zimbabwe of exclusion or bias towards any category of people.

Let’s finish the task for which they gave their lives.


Further information on this media release may be obtained by contacting Tatenda I Ndhlovu, info@unitedzimbabwe.org