• 2 Sep, 2021
  • Office of the President

From the President Valerio: 2 Sept 2021

What a month August was...

We started the month by launching a new database for UZA membership. Many of you have received the questionnaire. Your details are entered into the database, which enables us to track the growth of the United Zimbabwe Alliance. Each new member receives the UZA digital induction system, which has also recently been translated to Shona and Ndebele and will be circulated to all new members.

With a focus on membership, UZA has procured membership cards for our patriots. These will be distributed to all provinces as soon as we identify and train an EMS for each constituency in each province.  We have also already appointed members of the Interim Provincial Directorate for most provinces to lead and help shape the structures from the ground level.

With the Executive Directorate, I spent several days in Bulawayo hosting meetings with newly appointed provincial representatives from all three wings. Thank you so much to the great patriots that were part of this historic experience as we worked together to map the road to 2023. And that was just the start! Mama Beckie, our National Women’s Wing Chair then joined me for a private retreat with ladies from the Women’s Wing. Young and old, you made this journey from far and wide, coming together to shape the UZA Women’s Manifesto. It was a joyful time as we got to know each other and learn from each other. We became one family of sisters, mothers and daughters -
the matriarchs - the elephants of Zimbabwe.. The bond we share is unbreakable!

We then travelled to Mashonaland East where a few small intimate meetings rapidly became a transformational time spent with close to 100 citizens. I knew then that l had made this journey for a reason. It was humbling to have seen your faces. I know you didn't just come for me. You each came because you believe in what Zimbabwe can be.

After Mashonaland East we visited Harare, where you showed me that what divided us for too long can be overcome. I personally met with more than 300 citizens as individuals and small groups from across the city of Harare and left with a promise to return. During my next trip - I will visit every constituency in Harare, meanwhile, I urge you to continue to build and unite the citizens until we visit Harare again.

Our focus now is on equipping you all with the tools you need to grow the membership of our party. Our goal is a bold one, we aim to reach 6.5 million citizens! To gain their support we must work together. We are the generation that reshapes the Zimbabwean narrative.

Our economy, our schools, our health system, our judiciary, local government and social services all need resources to succeed. Let's give teachers better pay so we can expect accountability. Let’s bring back our nurses, our doctors and our scientists.  Let’s revive the industrial sector and restore our nation’s infrastructure. Let's build a competitive economy where our own citizens take the lead.

We have made tremendous progress already as UZA, but we have a long way to go before we become the government of Zimbabwe, and it won't be easy! That's why I’m setting priorities. Being in government we will play a crucial role in bringing about the changes that we want to see, but that will not get us to where we need to go. Each of us, in our own lives, will have to take responsibility for the Zimbabwe we want.  We have to start from where we are, strengthening our communities, teaching each other, engaging our youth, reshaping our thoughts, retooling and ensuring that everyone registers to vote... for without votes, there is no hope for a new Zimbabwe! 

We need every citizen to choose the future they want.  So let’s work, let’s build and let’s begin the transformation.