• 14 Jul, 2021
  • Office of the President

From President Valerio: 14 July 2021

We have begun to lay the groundwork for the UZA campaign – and it’s been inspirational! 

I hoped by now I would be visiting you to share the story of where we began and what we have already achieved.  We will see each other soon. For now, I’ll share a short note to give you a glimpse of all we’ve been doing.  I’ll do my best to send you updates as often as I can. 

In May, the Founding Executive Directorate and National Directorate for the United Zimbabwe Alliance was appointed - and we started work immediately.  We began by refining our mission and vision statement and shaping our founding values.  We then created a website for the party, www.unitedziimbabwe.org.  This will be a very useful tool for posting party statements and organising party documents and tools.  The website also includes a section with answers to frequently asked questions, which many of you have raised.

In June, the Executive Directorate met for a 3-day induction session which was held in Bulawayo.  The time together allowed us to formalise the Constitution of the United Zimbabwe Alliance.  The document has since been published on our party website.  We also developed the Party symbol and during the event, our Youth Chair, Shingirai Mikhail Chabata introduced the Party slogan - which as you all know has since been adopted -

Let's Unite
As we build Zimbabwe
As we build Zimbabwe

We also developed the new 42-page UZA Induction Handbook and Digital Induction System, to ensure that we can efficiently roll out induction training in all provinces, including for representatives in the diaspora. And, this past week, I had the pleasure of meeting some of you, UZA patriots who will lead the provinces and as part of the Provincial Directorate for Mashonaland East and Masvingo.  Your sincere commitment and concern for our country give me strength and hope.  Together we will rebuild Zimbabwe.

Recall that UZA began as a conversation between friends and concerned Zimbabweans. What brought us together was our desire for a better Zimbabwe. That was only in May 2021.

Please know that I’m always working for you - for Zimbabwe!  You have the full support of the Executive Directorate, and National Directorate of the United Zimbabwe Alliance - true patriots, working around the clock to rebuild Zimbabwe.  Each one of us is dedicated and determined, but we can’t reach everyone personally. We’re counting on you to help spread the message. 

Very truly yours,

Elisabeth Pasalk,
UZA President